Wednesday, 9 March 2011


...or that's what my boyfriend called tonight's 'impromptu pizza' i.e. sexed up cheese on toast. I had another horrendous day at work, so I had no energy left to cook tonight. I topped some bread with passata, pesto, olives and cheese and we had our 'pizza' along with some soup. I can't believe it, but I ate 6 slices of bread today, two at every meal!! Banana and PB on toast for breakfast, fake ham, lettuce and tahini sandwich at lunch. Usually I go days, a week or more even, without eating bread. It really told a tale- that I had no time for interesting eats today. Oh well.

Later on, while hooked to The Killing, I had plain yogurt with apple sweetened raspberry jam...and salted peanuts and cashews. Weird, but good.

Needless to say, I was too zonked to run tonight. Although running in the pitch black, in pouring rain and heavy winds, was unlikely to happen whatever my energy levels!



  1. Another bad day? I'm so sorry!!! That sucks! But "sexed up cheese on toast
    made me laugh! :)

  2. Yeh..and today was no better. March is just going to be one of those months. I'm so glad I have a few days already booked off and there's a bank holiday for St Patricks day. We are having sexy toast again tonight, haha!

  3. Nothing weird about your yogurt nut bowl. Sounds delicious to me. :)