Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Pancake (and beer) Tuesday

I swapped out the yogurt berry mess this morning for some oat bran and raspberries topped with unsweetened chocolate.

It was pretty good! I loved the way the oat bran kind of set in the bowl and the chocolate melted.

It got messy...but very yummy.

I did get a bit hungry mid morning so I had my favourite snack at my desk, PB stuffed banana.

So good!

Lunch was a substantial salad- bulgar wheat, salad leaves, green beans, a handful of peanuts and cashews and a hard boiled egg. I chucked a bit of chilli over it.

Later on, I had one of my sweet potato muffins, then an hour or so after that, I hit the pool for an aquajogging session with some speed work. I have really got into aquajogging, it's funny sweating while neck deep in water!

I had had a really horrendous day in work, so I got some beers on my way home from the pool to go with our pancake feast- a Sierra Nevada Extra Pale Ale and a Samuel Smith (organic) Raspberry Fruit Beer each.

Pancake (made with a few handfuls of porridge oats), stuffed with cheese and a slice of Quorn 'ham' and topped with hot sauce.

I had a second one with some apple sweetened raspberry jam and creme fraiche (unpictured).

I hope you're having as yummy a Pancake Tuesday!

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  1. I'm sorry you had a bad day at work! You know I can relate. ;)

    Your food looks so good! Love the breakfast idea! I will have to add chocolate to my next bowl of hot oats.