Thursday, 5 May 2011

Efficient cooking

This week I started off by roasting a big butternut squash, 'steamfrying' onion, a couple of red peppers and a massive bunch of collard greens. I then fried some steak pieces and stuck them in the oven covered in tomato passata for an hour, while I baked some salmon fillets spread with tomato paste in foil. The oven was on for about an hour, and I had a couple of meals good to go. I had one of the salmon fillets and some of the veggies for dinner that evening, along with some peeled, boiled and crushed potatoes (mash, but without anything added to the potatoes).

The next morning I had another salmon fillet for breakfast with the veggies and ate two small helpings with the tomatoey steak pieces and baked butternut for lunch and dinner. One evening, I had this little helping for supper:

Plain yogurt, frozen blueberries, a sprinkling of nuts and seeds and shredded coconut.

Yesterday evening I mixed some ground organic beef with spices and an egg and shaped into little meatballs, which I had with the squash for dinner last night, lunch today with salad, and reheated for an hour in the oven tonight with tomato passata and the last of the squash mashed up and spread on top, like a mini shepherds pie. And this morning I had the last of the collards and peppers in a breakfast scramble. Three days of meals from one hour's oven cooking has meant much short prep time (although without a microwave reheating in the oven takes a while, but with much less active cooking time and even better, less dishes).

Before the epic cooking session, I made a broth with leek and carrot and had it on top of chopped up baked chicken thighs.

Another bfast scramble: onion, red pepper, 2 eggs, topped with half an avocado and hot sauce.

It's been another hideously busy week in work, so I was glad I had the foresight to do a little prep on Monday. I must get into the habit more often:)

Oh, by the way, steamfrying is when I heat up a little oil in a skillet, add the veggies and then add a little hot water from the kettle (very small amount, at most about 1/3 cup).


  1. Have to say, LOVING the yogurt combo :D And that I totally thought of you earlier- I had a weird craving for eggs, then for hummus (take a peep- it's not just any hummus...haha!) so figured I'd just mash-them-up ;)

    I'd say it's Eimear-worthy!!!

  2. You are just diving back into eating the meat! A friend of mine, who's big into nutrition, says that IBSsers NEED meat, because it contains fats that are good for the digestive tract. I'm so glad it's working out for you.

    I tried to eat tuna about two weeks ago. It hit my stomach like glass. It was so seriously painful! But the rest of my body felt energized and wonderful.

    Right now, eggs are working good with me; I had scrambled with onions and mushrooms in a collard wrap yesterday. Atlantic ocean twins! Ha! :-)

  3. HOLY CRAP! you made that breakfast scramble with avocado on top look DYNAMITE! so scrumptious <3

  4. Thanks Kelsey, I thought it was rather messy looking- I can never slice avocado neatly:) Thanks for the comment, I love your blog, such pretty photos. I haven't commented as much as I should like, been so busy with work at the minute (hence why I haven't updated in ages!)

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