Sunday, 31 January 2010

Weekend munches

This weekend, because my energy levels are so fantastic, I started running again. The first morning I picked to start was saturday, the ground looked so slippy but it was great. The only people I met were two dog walkers in Ormeau Park. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the sky was blushing pink. I was out again today, early again, but it was another stunning morning, and being down in Aghagallon, I didn't meet a soul, 4 cars passed me in 5km. After both runs, I breakfasted on big fruity smoothies. On saturday, mine was courtesy of Zumo in Castlecourt- a Tahiti Spice (mango, passionfruit pear and ginger). I LOVELOVELOVE ginger, especially in smoothies. My circulation likes it too. Today I had more ginger, this time pineapple and melon and some flax seed. Today I also had a Trek bar with my smoothie:

You can buy them and the Nakd bars from the company's website: Natural Balance Foods. They're vegan, raw, gluten- and sugar- free and the Trek bars have 11g of protein per bar. I got mine in Sainsburys and found the Nakd Coco Loco bars in Tesco. I had the Mixed Berry, it was amazing! Kept me full until 3pm. I had some soup, and then got hungry around 7, and made some veg and noodles:

I boiled some Brown rice udon noodles (two bundles) and then a few minutes before they were done I chucked in some shredded spring (collard) greens, frozen soya beans and carrot sticks. I dressed them with a big tablespoon each of peanut butter, soy sauce, toasted sesame oil, sesame seeds, marmalade and then about 2cm of ginger finely chopped, a clove of garlic and a teaspoon of dried chilli flakes. I stirred this through everything after mixing it thoroughly (the peanut butter takes a bit of beating to cooperate). It was delish! Especially with extra heat in the form of Tabasco. A nice way to finish the weekend.

Oh, and I now have an allotment- as of saturday. The location is stunning, the soil is beautiful sandy loamy stuff (apparently it was once a beach!), the site is south facing and we have access to a polytunnel and a big shed full of tools. Eamonn and I will be weeding it out next saturday, pictures will be posted. Then I have to decide what to put in!


  1. OMG! I blogged about those Trek bars after my trip to the UK 2 years ago!!!! They were sooooo good! I JUST realized that you are from Belfast. Unfortch I didn't get to Ireland yet, but I'm hoping to on my next trip. :)

    That peanut butter and soy sauce combo sounds like a winner. :)

  2. I had no idea how to get these... thanks for the link!!!