Saturday, 22 May 2010

Gluten free pancakes, dinner and brekkie

It's an absolute stunner of a day in Northern Ireland. In fact, I'd put money on it being the hottest day of the year so far. I got up early and instead of a run, I had a very leisurely stroll around the park. I didn't run because my tummy is still a little upset after the wheat overdose of the last week, but I've noticed big changes already; the food I'm eating is causing no discomfort after I eat. I've convinced myself I have a gluten problem, but the likelihood is my tummy just doesn't like an overload of any one type of food. When I think something is causing me digestive distress, I get completely turned off by it. The thought of peanut butter and toast makes me feel a bit queasy at the moment. It's kind of like finding out your best friend's been backstabbing you or something, you just want nothing more to do with it despite it being such a previous comfort.

Anyway I am enjoying some buckwheat and rice flour pancakes, although they fall apart easily, so it means too messy and really unblogworthy photos but I'll put them up for future reference. I think a little more xanthan gum or maybe playing around the flours will yield a better result.
First, I wanted some carbage with my salad last night, so made up the batter as described in my last post, then smeared them with some seedy rocket and basil pesto. I picked most of the spinach off the plate and munched it down waiting for the pancakes to cook. See how they broke apart? I didn't mind, still tasty. Token black olive there too.

I didn't use all the batter, so put it in the fridge overnight- pancake batter keeps in the dridge for up to 24 hours and has to sit for a while before frying anyway, so it's good to make up your batter the night before if you're planning a pancake brekkie. I stirred in some frozen raspberries and blueberries this morning and it made one large thin pancakes, which I had with soy yogurt and rice malt syrup. Really delish. With a hazelnut coffee with frothy rice milk, it felt wonderfully indulgent. The plate is all messy because I used it to flip my pancake on to to do the other side. HB thought the yogurt with syrup on top looked like a vegan fried egg. It tasted much better though!

I am off to enjoy this fine day in the garden- a lot to catch up with after being away.
Have a good saturday:)

Favourite IBS tip blogs:
Farty Girl - as she says, we are tummy twins. We have the same type of IBS symptoms, more or less the same trigger foods/situations and therefore have a similar diet, although this gal is better at the raw thing, and I eat more fruit.
Maggie Walks - Maggie has recently done a few posts about her IBS and has given some really helpful advice in her most recent posts.


  1. Hey thanks for the shout out!

    Was there flax meal in those pancakes? That's what I use to hold them together. Throw in about 2 tablespoons. Let it sit and congeal. The flax works like egg; it's a binding agent.

    Tapioca starch also helps, but it makes the bread more tough and dense, like store bought gluten free bread.

    I love reading your blog too. I can't tell you how much it helps me get through the day, food-wise! Have you checked out Saxifrage's "Sweet Sensitivity" blog? She's got the same tummy as us. So does Iris at The Daily Dietribe.

    There's also Ameena at Fancy That, Fancy This. She's mastered IBS by just not eating too much. As a technique, it's often hard to keep that in mind through the busy, and it sucks, BUT IT WORKS! :)

  2. I found Saxifrage's blog a few days ago from a comment she left on yours, although it was when I was away. I need to catch up a lot on the blog world. Yes, I should have done the flax thing. In fact, now that you say it, that's why my galettes worked the first time I did them, but haven't held their shape since, as it's only one egg, I was just leave it out. Thanks for those tips:)

  3. Do you make your own soy yogurt? Just curious... I had a horrible time finding one that both tasted good and didn't do strange things in my belly, but I did finally find one: Whole Soy & Co. They have a bunch of different flavors... really delicious! Anyway, those pancakes sound good--nice and hearty. Iris was blogging about quinoa waffles the other day at The Daily Dietribe, and thanks to the two of you, I'm thinking some homebaked breakfast treats are in my very near future!

  4. I make my own oat milk yogurt, but I haven't made soy yogurt for a couple of years. I buy a nice French live soy yogurt called Sojasun, sometimes Sojade but it's not as good. When I did make soy yogurt, I did it in one of those EasiYo makers with soy yogurt, a bit of live yogurt from the last batch (or probiotic powder from capsules every now and again), agar powder and a little sugar. I should make it again as I've been buying it, but I don't want to encourage the habit of eating soy too much. Maybe I will give it a break and then make my own soon:)