Saturday, 16 October 2010

Autumn Afternoon Walk

I haven't worked out much since early September (2 runs, a couple of walks, a hike). I haven't really felt like it, I guess it's my body's way of telling me to take it easy before I put the stress of regular high intensity workouts on my body again. Today I went for a lovely walk in the late afternoon with my sister. At the moment, that's the exercise I prefer, no goal in mind, just getting out into nature.

By the canal near my parent's house

Field with a pheasant (that you won't be able to make out, probably)

Newly ploughed field

My pet rabbit in camoflague

I was really hungry after this walk! But I was craving something brothy and healing. I made black rice noodle, nori and collard miso soup (with onion, celery and LOADS of ginger). I used King Soba noodles, they are great! Such a fab selection, I would love to try the pumpkin and ginger brown rice and the millet and brown rice but I haven't found them in a store near me. Hurry up and sell direct from the website! I would buy loads, they're a convenience food I'd happily buy and eat.

Anyway, here's my soup. It's a bit murky because I used quite dark brown rice miso and I cooked the noodles in the broth rather than boiling separately, rinsing and adding to the broth. I want the starch in the noodles to thicken the soup, which they did. The nori broke down a lot making the soup a bit cloudy. But it was really tasty, comforting and nourishing.

I finished up the day with a slug of Floravital (the gluten and yeast free Floradix). I find it quite enjoyable:)

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