Sunday, 27 February 2011

Another Name Change and some goals

I changed my blog name *again*. Tri Eating Plants doesn't really reflect what I'm about here, since I'm definitely a runner and not a triathlete, and unlikely to become one- I don't think I'll ever be a confident enough swimmer, and trying to be better was just a bit too stressful. Also, while my diet is still very much plant based, I don't eat only plants, so it's a bit misleading. I suppose I am a 'pescetarian' but I don't like that name, I do, however, like the abbreviation 'pesky'. So Pesky Runner it is, for now, although I am going to leave the blog at for a while yet, as I am thinking of moving over to Wordpress, so if I do, I'll properly change the blog address then.

I mentioned a few days ago about doing some sort of sugar free challenge. Starting 1st March, I'm going to avoid added sugar with the exception of honey once a week for a treat- if I want it. I will still eat fruit and dried fruit, these will be my everyday treats. It means things like chocolate, biscuits, cake and ice-cream will be off the cards for the month. I am finding that I feel a bit yucky after eating those sorts of things, possibly because I eat them in large servings, which make me feel icky and bloated but as I'm eating them they don't leave me satisfied. However, a banana on an oatcake, maybe some natural nut butter, or a plain yogurt with fruit fills me up and I don't feel icky. I hope if I break the cravings for sugary things I will be able to enjoy them now and again, or maybe this month will lead me to new tastier ways to treat myself. I have bookmarked a few grain free/paleo desserts which sound pretty good.

Herewith 7 random facts about me- Kristy tagged me for this, although I'm supposed to pick another 7 bloggers to pass it on to. I don't think I know that many! If you read my blog, want to do this, go right ahead. Leave a wee comment if you do so I can read yours:)

1. I used to be a goth- black eyeliner, sunglasses, nailpolish, lace, long leather coat, listening to The Cure with a scowl. I still love The Cure, I just don't dress like Robert Smith anymore or do the whole moody thing anymore.

2. Despite loving running etc these days, I got out of P.E. (physical education) pretty much every week in school. I was really body conscious and I sucked at team sports. I used to tell my teachers P.E. was bad for health because breathing more frequently meant more oxygen intake which meant increased oxidation of cells and accelerated aging!! Even if there's some truth in that, I'd rather be a grey haired runner before my time than a lazy old brunette.

3. I'm really fussy about what pen I use to write, it has to feel exactly right in my hand.

4. I spent a year as a member of the ultra-conservative group Opus Dei- during my time 'discovering myself' a few years back.

5. I'm a birdwatcher, have been since I was a little kid.

6. I can't bear to let my nails grow, but I don't bite them, I just cut them really often.

7. I speak German, ja wohl.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, it's gorgeous here!


  1. Just wanted to say I prefer your new blog title, nice change :)

  2. It's been fun following you, looking at your meals, and watching you change and grow! :) Btw - HUGE Cure fan over here!

  3. Hey Supergreensunbear, thanks! I definitely intend to properly rename the blog, but last time I renamed, I had no idea what I was doing and some people who had been reading didn't know where I'd gone to!
    Farty Girl, it's been so much fun! I have really enjoyed reading about your gravitation towards rawness:) You have inspired me right from the start!