Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sugar Free is Everywhere- First Day

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It was kind of freaky when I opened my Google Reader this evening and lots of people have been blogging about low sugar/sugar free eating!

Here are links to some of the blog posts I read:
HEAB on low sugar eating- Heather is my favourite low sugar bloggers, her recipes are so simple, yet so delcious and unique!
Making Food and Other Stuff on a no sugar week every month- I think this is a great idea and once this month is over I think a month a week of absolutely no sugar (maybe just fresh/frozen berries and banana but no dried fruit) and then low sugar the rest of the time would be a good way to go.
Ashley's March Detoxish- not specifically low sugar but cutting down on it for a while.

Before I started on my sugar free month, I had dessert last night after food shopping; a mini apple and berry pie with plain yogurt. Not very sugary, but there was some sugar in the fruit and the pastry.

My first day went well- I took my breakfast of no sugar muesli, banana, berries and unsweetened soya milk into work and waited until I was properly hungry to eat it.

Later on I had another banana and for lunch I had some delicious rainbow coleslaw (red cabbage, white cabbage, carrots, red pepper, homemade tofu mayo, mustard and hot sauce):

Coleslaw with mixed leaves, a little chopped up Quorn and blue goat cheese.

Later on I had a 0% Greek yogurt (Fage) with one of these bars chopped in:

They're made with apricots, sultanas, apple juice concentrate, sunflower oil and oats...and nothing else.

For dinner I had a Quorn escalope with more coleslaw and a taste of Eamonn's pasta.

While I did eat quite a bit of fruit today, for the first day I think I haven't done too bad. Most of the sugar in my diet is consumed after dinner when I'm looking for some comfort. I thought heat would be a good sub for heat, and I took some inspiration from HEAB and made oat bran with cocoa and a spoonful of natural peanut butter melted in.

Delish! I couldn't really taste the cocoa powder much, but the pb made it a very satisfying evening snack. A bit of TMI, I am a bit constipated at the moment (work is really stressful!) so having oat bran in the evenings should hopefully help a bit with that too.
I have been finding when work gets really stressful I get pain in my left upper abdomen that feels like the same pain as I had in the early stages of my pancreatitis bout last year. For that reason, I skipped my aquajogging workout today and got into my pyjamas when I got home, and didn't do any cooking tonight (hence the breaded Quorn and already made coleslaw). I will post tomorrow about it, and I won't run unless the pain is completely gone.
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  1. Good luck with the low sugar eating! You are off to a great start! :)