Thursday, 3 March 2011

Bye bye stress...hello early weekend!

Gah, what a stressful week! Thankfully it's over. That's right, four day week for me:D
Stress has really not been good for me...

Hello ezcema! Everytime I bend my fingers I rip a new cut:(

I am really enjoying my sugar free experiment though.

Last night's dinner: Quorn, chopped tomatoes and olives, all baked in the oven and thrown over bulgar.

Tonight's dinner: Quorn pieces cooked with onion in coconut oil, rice, loads of turmeric and laksa spice mix, petit pois.

Tonight's snack: Fage 0% yogurt, frozen raspberries, 2 squares of 90% chocolate (so some sugar there, but I couldn't find unsweetened anywhere, may have to order online or else just mix coconut oil and cocoa powder) It's in a tub because I brought the yogurt to work but didn't get time to eat it. Mostly I have been snacking on oat bran+nut butter/cocoa after dinner.

I am going to bake some things tomorrow/at the weekend and freeze for the week ahead. I have bookmarked Alex of Spoonful of Sugar Free's grain free bitter chocolate cake for some time now and bought a sweet potato on my lunch break the other day just to make the cake. Then Heather posted this yummy looking recipe from Chilliflake that I have to try with my frozen blueberries. I think I'll make the first recipe as muffins and the second as a loaf and individually wrap things and freeze.

I took two rest days this week, ran yesterday and strength trained today (a mix of 10 different exercises, 12 reps and repeated 10x12 4 times). I am using my day off tomorrow to do a long aquajogging session in the morning. Then it's off to the hairdressers, and very good coffee will be consumed at a leisurely pace at some stage. I'll get in my long run on saturday or sunday and the other day will be a shorter run and an easier strength training session.
Enjoy your weekend, whatever you're doing! :)

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  1. Poor thing!! I hope things get a little less stressful for you! Ouch! Have a great weekend!!