Saturday, 12 February 2011

Prawn 'pizza'

I had a pretty early start this morning leaving friends off to the airport for their flight to New York. I went back to bed but even though I had along sleep all told, I needed properly wakened up. I had a small bowl of oats with half a big banana mashed through and topped with a Valentine's chocolate to go melty in the warm porridge. I caught up on news and blogs and then went to the pool when it opened at midday. It was a beautiful sunny day, and the light came into the pool, which was lovely. I did an hour's aqua jogging, although I warmed down for a few mins with a bit of swimming and spent a blissful 5 minutes in the sauna. I then headed to my new favourite coffee shop in Belfast, Espresso Elements, which is an Australian style coffee shop. I had a great Americano or 'Long Black', a bagel and a cookie. Not a healthy lunch, but it's saturday, so I don't really care. We mulled over the paper, then popped into Arcadia delicatessan next door for our favourite sundried chilli olives.
I then went down to my parent's was pretty hungry around 7 this evening, so I had a raid through the fridge and found some prawns that needed used up although I was in the mood for pizza. I also found some sunblush tomatoes and an end of manchego cheese, plus a bit of salad looking salad leaves. I assembled everything on a huge slice of delicious chewy rye sourdough and grilled it.

It'll soon be time for The Tudors- love that it's back on again, although this is the final series:(

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