Thursday, 10 February 2011

Will run for ice-cream

Tonight when I got home from work I was just itching to get out running. I had already planned to run three miles with Eamonn, but as he is just getting back into running after a near 6 year break, I needed a faster workout just to clear away the day's stresses. I set off an a speedy just under three and a half miles, then waited for Eamonn to come home and in the end set off for run number 2 about 45 minutes after I got back from the first. This one was about the same distance (different route) but at a much slower pace. In the end I ran almost 7 miles although it really didn't feel like it with the break in between. I was pretty hungry when I got in though as it was 8pm and I had eggs to use up so I decided on some 'scramblers' (as I called it growing up) and there was some fake ham (Quorn) that needed used up so that was torn into pieces and chucked in along with some blanched frozen peas (I just poured boiling water over them straight from the freezer and let them sit a few minutes before draining and putting into the eggs). I also added some hot spice mix and had it with a slice of a bread and a lick of cream cheese. I made Eamonn a big dish of pasta, some peas, Quorn 'chicken' and tomato passata (topped with nooch).

Pretty good, but I decided a treat was in order for the both of us, and when I want a treat, it's got to be ice-cream. I had Snickers flavour (mm peanuts) and dark chocolate and Eamonn had Turkish Delight (blech, tasted like rose soap to me but he loved it) and rum and raisin (all local ice-cream called Mullins).

I am meeting my sister and a mutual friend after work tomorrow for a cuppa then will squeeze in an aquajogging sess before an early night as I'm leaving Eamonn's brother and sister-in-law to the airport very early on saturday morning (they're New York bound, I'm hoping for some PB&Co Dark Chocolate Dreams or such like, any better/other suggestions?).

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