Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sugar free rhubarb crumble

Today I made some sugarless dessert!
I cooked the first batch of homegrown rhubarb in orange juice and added some golden raisins. On its own, rhubarb would be just too tart, even for my tastes. I stewed 6 stalks of rhubarb with a 1/3 cup each of raisins and orange juice, approximately. I only used some of it for me, I made a standard white flour and sugar crumble for my family.
I topped mine with a mix of a handful each of rolled oats and sugar free nutty muesli and rubbed in a tablespoon of butter.

Look at the cute ramekin I found in my mum's kitchen! It's a Le Creuset one. That's before it went in the oven.

I certainly worked up an appetite for dessert- after a bowl of Fage yogurt and grapefruit, I let it settle, then busted out my fastest 6 mile run (that I've timed anyway)- in 44 minutes (7:18min/mile). It started off really hard, then I checked my watch about a quarter of the way into my return leg and I knew I was doing pretty well, so I just gave it my all. I had a short stops to wait for traffic, adjust my ipod, that sort of thing so hopefully I can knock another minute or two off for my 10k in April. At least I know now I don't have any more work to do to sub-45 min in the race, just keep doing what I'm doing! I know I'll be tempted to try and better it, but I'm not going to be silly and get myself injured.
About an hour after coming back from my run I was pretty hungry so grabbed a small banana and spread it with some peanut butter. So delicious, my fave snack besides a Fage yogurt. I snacked again an hour later on some crackers and cheese before having my crumble with some whipped cream with a little vanilla extract.

A couple of hours later I got peckish again and had cheese and salad on toast and two oatcakes topped with peanut butter and a square of 90% chocolate split between them.

I had the oven on baking a giant sweet potato so I stuck my oatcakes in to melt the chocolate for a minute, mmm. So much better when it melts.
Off to my bed to get a good night's sleep before another busy week kicks off...

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